Hey y’all! People asked me about purchasing prints and other items with my photographs on them. You asked, so here ya go!

I’m proud to present Flux Photo (https://photos.fluxphoto.org).  This is my new site where you can purchase some of my photographs.

If you see something on my Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, or Facebook pages and you’d like to order your own print send me an email or DM.

Also, you can support my photography, videography, (and in the future, podcasts) as a patron and get monthly rewards in return. Head on over to my Patreon page and pledge monthly. There are some great deals where you’ll get a little something (or A LOT of something 😉 ). As a result of supporting my photography, videography, and tech passion, you will support your love of great space and aviation media.

Thanks again for stopping by and thank you for your support of Flux Photo and Flux Labs.

Flux 🙂

Flux Photo examples

Flux Photo examples


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