About Me

Flux at the Big House - Image ©2010 The AV Club - http://www.theavclub.tv/

My given name is Andrew Rechenberg (some people only know me as Flux). I'm a space nut, tech-head, nascent photographer, student pilot, and DJ from Cincinnati, Ohio.

I've been interested in computers, technology, and space (the NASA type of space) since an early age. I recently started as an intern in the ISS Safety Panels, Avionics, and Software Branch of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA Johnson Space Center.

I saw my first Space Shuttle launch in February 2010 (STS-130, Endeavour) with my Dad and it was a great reason to start getting in to a hobby I've always been interested in - photography. It was also a good reason to purchase my first DSLR, a Canon 7D. Since then I've been trying to teach myself the art of photography. Hit my Pics page to check out some of my attempts :)

One of my best friends and I started Music Integrated Clothing or MIC - a line of clothing with all the designs and garments inspired by something related to music. If you're a fan of me, MIC, and/or music, hit me up and I'll ship you out some MIC stickers ;)

I have recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield Magna Cum Laude with a B.Sc in Computer Science.

I've also recently started pursuing my private pilot certificate. If you've ever wanted to learn to fly, do it! Find a local flight school that offers discovery flights and see if you'd really like it. They're usually around $50-100US and you get to fly for about an hour. Depending on your pilot you may even be able to take the controls for a few minutes.

Well, those are the basics about me. I'll write more soon. Make sure to check out my Audio, Video, and Pics pages, and also the links to all my social media outlets on my Social page.

I'll be documenting my progress more along the way here on flux.fm. Hop on board for the ride :)

Thanks for stopping by.